PaperBoard Description

Ever tried to customize your Home screen without follow the grid layout?

Feel like a change from that linear presentation?


With the PaperBoard widget, place your photos, your custom texts, your apps…
and link them to actions (call contacts, open an app…)


To install the widget for the first time, long press on the home screen and select widgets.
Then navigate to PaperBoard and confirm.
Once in place, click on configuration button.


PaperBoard Features

4 step configuration:

  1. Objects selection By clicking on Add button, select the objects you want to place on your Home screen (photos, symbols, customs texts, application icons…)
  2. Position Position them freely!
  3. Parameters Change their parameters: action, rotation, color, font…
  4. Validate Click on Install button

PaperBoard is not yet full-compliant with Android Tablet.

Paperboard Sample Using

Available features in the current PaperBoard version 2.2.3

Photo Symbol Custom Text Application Background
Left rotation button ok button ok button ok button ok
Right rotation button ok button ok button ok button ok
Link a contact button ok button ok button ok
Link an application button ok button ok button ok
Link an url button ok button ok button ok
Remove button ok button ok button ok button ok
Font color button ok
Font size button ok
Font name button ok
Edit button ok
Change color button ok
Change frame button ok

PaperBoard Development

Next update, Friday, 24th June:

  1. Custom background widget with photo

Next update, Friday, 10th June:

  1. New add photo option: you can choose the size

Next update, Friday, 3rd June:

  1. Multi-size widget
  2. Wake-up correction

Next update, Friday, 27th May:

  1. Android Tablet update
  2. Wake-up correction

Next update, Friday, 20th May:

  1. Link items with an application
  2. Link items with a web url: bookmark…

Next update, Friday, 13th May:

  1. Ergonomic update
  2. New text option: Edit

Known bugs:

  1. Android Tablet: not in Full Screen
  2. Android Tablet: not access to Configuration Panel
  3. Force Close on Motorola Defy
  4. Sleep wake-up: sometimes need to reinstall widget
  5. Home Launcher: not full screen in 5×5 mode
  6. Crop image: force close on large image

Users ideas:

  1. Multi-size widget
  2. Contact link with just phone number or email
  3. Add widget
  4. Customize background other than color
  5. Effect when clicking object on the widget
  6. Save configuration on internal memory if SD card missing

PaperBoard Download

Two Versions are available:

  1. PaperBoard Lite: Complete version for free trial
  2. PaperBoard: Complete unlimited version



PaperBoard Contact

Question about installation, configuration…?

You find a bug?

You have an idea for new features?


Please, use freely this contact form!

Our response is based on 24 hour, out of weekend.


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